What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger


Remember that thing that was supposed to kill you…but it didn’t? How many times have you wanted to die or thought you were going to die…but you didn’t?

How many mornings did you wake up to see the sun after crying your eyes out the night before? How many times have you said, “I can’t do this anymore!”… except you did.

How many times did you look around to see people around you- coworkers, loved ones, acquaintances, people in your neighborhood- succumbing to illness and job loss and all and any other malady of a temporal or spiritual nature, but you and yours walked away unscathed, able to fight one more day?

Not everything that’s designed to kill you will kill you; you should have figured that out by now! You can breathe, and smile.

Some things are meant to shock our systems and wake us up, to remind us that life as we know it is about to change. It was meant to happen- not to destroy us- but to take us to the next level of consciousness; to make us into more of who we truly are. We can get into all kinds of pseudo-philosophical arguments over what kind of god does what, but at the end of the day, I think it’s safe to say we’ve all experienced the knot in our stomach and the buckling in our knees that signifies waning of the spirit in the face of certain danger, whether that danger is actual or simply perceived to be so.

The truth of the matter is this: That thing that was designed to kill you but didn’t wasn’t meant to kill you. That’s why you didn’t die. 

That’s why you’re still here.



Not just surviving-you’re thriving. And you are stronger, because now you know exactly what you’re made of- and you know that, despite what it may look like in the physical world, you were destined for greater things than this!

There may be trouble ahead and the clouds may be looming in, but you’re alive. Hold your head up; this, too, shall pass.


I’ve decided to call this series Lessons From The Lighthouse, in homage to the imagery found in the film, Life Of Pi. These lessons have served as an inspiration to me in my personal growth and development in the past year and half, and now, I’m sharing them with you. I hope that they are instrumental in helping you find your inner ability to create miracles in your own life.

Light & Love!

To find the entire series, click here..

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