If No One is Singing, Sing Your Own Praise; and Know Your Song Inspires Others

The Neighborhood

cover art Sing by pieter musterd

To improve is to change;

to be perfect is to change often. 
– Winston Churchill

Emmett Wheatfall, Sunday Morning

A funny thing happened yesterday….

But first and foremost, I offer my sincere gratitude to Pecan Frost, Charles Gossett, Shirley Newman, Nicole Jones, Martina Right, Delano Thomas Sr. Termina Ashton, Robert Robinson, Greg Shine, Swift Slay IvySoul Robinson, David Russell, Andrea Harris and Mattie Person. A rambled list, some may say, but the value of – some vociferous, most quiet – their participation in a study, their contribution toward the literary world,via fascination or support of the written works of Kendall F. Person, has elevated the short story genre, to a level I had yet to reach or understand. Quietly, and perhaps unknowingly,each of you offered a reminder to always live in humility (even a master of their craft is still learning) and for taking part in…

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