Seattle man gets invited to stranger’s East Coast bachelor party by mistake, but he’s still going

People are wonderful!

Q13 FOX News


SEATTLE — In a couple of weeks, Joey DiJulio is flying across the country for a bachelor party.

Good times with old buds, right?

Not exactly. Joey doesn’t really know who’s attending the booze-filled evening. In fact, he’s never even met the groom.

No, it’s not the plot of a new Vince Vaughn movie, or even the remake of the old Tom Hanks movie. Joey is flying from Seattle to Philadelphia to attend the bachelor party of Jeff Minetti, a man he’s never met, has no connection to and only spoken with twice via email.

Good times indeed.

How it came about

On Feb. 11, Joey was emailed from an address he didn’t recognize. The email thread began:


Has anyone else noticed now that Jeff has been rocking the beard for a while – he looks like a middle aged Pavarotti? At times, he also has ventured into a bit of hipster…

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