Love & Anarchy


I want to set people free.

Not just myself but anybody and everybody who thinks and feels like me.

My aunt always scolds me when I get into heated discussions over things. She says I’m angry. I say I’m passionate. She says I’m skeptical. I think she’s right. I think she trusts too much. She always says, “You want everybody to think like you!” She’s wrong. I don’t want everybody to think like me. I just want people to think- think on their own, without the chains that bind us to keep thinking the same things that have kept us mentally enslaved for so many generations.

I want people to use their freedom to generate thoughts that haven’t been implanted in their minds so they cannot be controlled by others with self-serving agendas. I want those thoughts to manifest into the reality of the physical world.

I want things like world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, an end to prison and political mind games and laws that benefit the minority at the expense of the majority, an end to capitalism and a return to humanitarianism.

We don’t need more rules. We need to think. We need to speak up and we need to know that small acts of kindness speak volumes.

We are not mindless sheep. We are better than that.

I want to set people free.

I believe love is anarchy. Love is freedom- freedom to explore and express; freedom to be. Love is creative and destructive. Love is always the answer. Love makes things simple but not necessarily easy. Love is always the answer.

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