Things you realize only after getting married!!!

A Dose of Jen

There are few many things which you begin to realize only after getting married. I knew my better half for more than two years before getting married. He seemed like the perfect man and I’m assuming he too had similar thoughts about me. In college, he was always well dressed, well groomed, had different file folders for different subjects with labels on them(woah!!), spoke well, always wore good perfume, always had money in his wallet (lol) and a perfectionist. Anyway, every story has a perfect fairy tale ending because it ends with the Prince and Princess getting married. It never talks about the next day after the big wedding. So, I have decided to pen down random thoughts that paraded my mind the NEXT DAY.

All of a sudden, you have to share everything with your husband, starting with the toothpaste. When I was not married, I had the freedom…

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