Dhal- I love dhal!

One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, snack and dinner- dhal. It’s yellow (or green) split peas.

Natasha, one of my long-time school friends, blogged the recipe here. It’s delicious, gluten-free, dairy free and very nutritious and filling- an excellent source of protein, iron, fiber, antioxidants and vitamin E; say goodbye to brain fog! Plus it’s pretty cheap and easy to make!

You can eat it by itself like a soup, with gluten-free naan/puri or even with green veggies (I like to eat it with sauteed kale. Because what *doesn’t* go with kale?) Try it- you’ll love it! ❤

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Photo credit: Natasha Fredrickson

A Taste of the Caribbean!

Dhal, a staple in Trinidadian cooking. We make this dish alongside curries or to be eaten alone like a soup or with roti *flat bread*. It’s healthy, flavorful and filling.

So funny story, when I was a teenager I was a bit rebellious *What? Really?! No way!*… I know, hard to believe right!? Anyway, my mom was forcing me to learn how to cook and I wanted no part of it, so I was throwing a hissy fit about cooking dhal and deliberately doing it wrong so she would just get mad at me and shoo me away. Well….she didn’t and I got a pot spoon thrown at me and she made me count each grain of dhal *split peas* in the package! Ever since then I’ve hated dhal and refused to make it! *Yeah! I’ll show her!!*

Years later, I’m pregnant and craving dhal and I didn’t know how…

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