thoughts of a goddess- Self Healing


Healing will come from a much deeper self love and appreciation. It will require you to forgive everything that keeps you connected to your past pain.

To forgive does not mean to forget. 

It means to take your power back and release emotional bonds that drain you of your vitality. Healing will come when you start appreciating yourself.

You are enough. You are perfect.


 Stop comparing yourself to others. Competition drains an incredible amount of energy which can be used for healing.

You are not a failure.

Stop complaining. Stop gossiping.

Healing will take your full emotional investment. Release any activity that keeps you in a negative state. Instead, clear your thinking and allow only loving thoughts to enter your mind. Speak of and to yourself with utmost kindness and love. Healing will happen spontaneously.

Original words by Josie Grouse. Find Josie on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.

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