Creative Parenting- Everyday Lies Parents Tell Their Children

I’d originally posted this to my facebook page, but it is so deliciously horrible I had to share it here too!


The article published by features a set of images which show the lengths parents go to trick their children into behaving properly. The list includes such fibs as parents telling their children that “Cola is black water- you’re not going to like it”. One parent said, “Chuck-E-Chesse is for birthday parties. You have to be invited to go there” (I can’t blame her- I wish I’d thought of that myself!). Another awesome one was “If you don’t behave in the McDonald’s drive through you will get a Sad Meal” Children are smart. No one wants a Sad Meal!

My grandmother was the BEST at this kind of thing- there were so many lies she told me to keep my little butt in line that I believed until I was an adult! Among my favorites were:

– “If you put your human hair products in the dolls’ hair, the dolls’ hair will fall out.”

– “If you swallow watermelon seeds, a watermelon will grow in your stomach.” (points to a pregnant lady)- “See? It happens!”

-“If you swallow chewing gum, your butt hole will plug up and the doctor will have to cut you a new one.”

-“Wining too much will cause your belly button to unscrew and your body will fall apart.” (There was a Rikki Jai video that demonstrated her point.)

-“Corned beef is made of old race horses AND children who left their parent’s house without permission after dark to go play in the streets…” (while she’s serving me corned beef and rice for dinner)

-“When it’s raining, you should lie down and get under the covers and be quiet like I do, otherwise the lightning strikes will find you and you will get struck by lightning. Glass conducts electricity- those lightning bolts will come right through the windows and zap you. You better get under those blankets fast!” (even more terrifying was the fact that I wore those Forrest Gump type braces on my legs that were made of metal. I was lightning’s #1 target!)

-“Thunder is God rearranging his furniture, and rain is him washing down heaven so it will be clean for when company comes over.” ( I think this one was so I would stop being so terrified by the storm…which was trying to take me out!)

I mean this list can go on forever. I don’t consider these “lies” as much as I think it’s Creative Parenting At Its Finest. I miss you, Mammy Leonie