Thoughts Of A Goddess: “Be Strong”


The word for this past week was “Beginnings”. Funny enough, as I scrolled though social media, the same message came barreling through at me with clarity:

In an online blog:


On facebook:


Scrolled down in my timeline a little further on facebook


And then this morning, while I was contemplating my melancholy,

again on facebook:


I’ve learned not to argue with the universe, to learn to read signs, to value synchronicity, to honor serendipity.

This week, I will do what the universe has asked me to do. I will stand firm. I will not give up. I will “Be Strong“.

Thoughts Of A Goddess: “Beginnings”


Happy March 2015!

The word of the week last week was “Truth”, and boy was it an apocalyptic week- I feel like my life got overhauled almost overnight!

They say “the truth that you accept will set you free”. It’s amazing (and sad) how often we hold on to something that isn’t true as if it were, only to stay trapped and stunted in our personal growth. Oh, but for amazing grace I am free and ever grateful!

The word for this week is “Beginning”. Whether it is in regards to a career, finding a new home or starting or strengthening a relationship, I’m game! I’m definitely looking forward to it with hope and excitement!

What does your inner goddess say?