The Awakening Of The Divine Woman

She’s coming into her power.

She spent years not realizing who she was.
She doubted her beauty, her intelligence and her power.
She was one who always felt that she didn’t quite belong
because when she came into this life, her ties to the world of spirit remained far too strong..

She was confused and lost throughout her youth, unable to see herself much less accept and appreciate herself.
As a result she was like a ship bobbing in the ocean without a rudder and without the sails of confidence to direct her towards her own promised land.

She was one who bereft of her own acceptance, hungered for it and searched for it through relationships with others.
She was a people pleaser as a result,
she would not risk confrontation in order to support herself,
she succumbed to being influenced by the opinions of others even though she had already received her instruction from within.
She allowed her truth to be sublimated,
she allowed herself to be controlled.
Her need to be accepted and loved was such that she wasn’t prepared to step on or over any toes.

It took her years of being taken for granted,
ruled and overlooked before she put two and two together,
had enough and got the message.
Her suffering forced her to step out of the status quo that had always been too tight for her in the first place…
she became an avid seeker, searching for answers…
She needed to know who she was, she needed to know why she was here.
She needed to find a way to free herself from fear

She traveled far and wide,
She sat at the feet of a master,
She became a Yogini of an ancient lineage
and applied the teachings to her life,
She grew strong,
She awakened her heart
She awakened her shakti,
Her third eye opened as a result;
Her potentials started to be unearthed rapidly because the veils had parted and she recognized who she was,
She also recognized who everyone else was behind their socialized facade
and because she had seen through the myth of idealized perfection,
she could appreciate the actual perfection of the imperfections in herself and in others that she had once resisted and rejected.

Today she walks with conscious awareness;
she no longer labels people as good or bad,
She interprets everything as fluctuating energy without a fixed assignment.
She holds space for the confusion of others because she’s been there and she still visits that place herself
she understands their hunger for love misappropriated as selfishness, jealousy and competition.
She feels their vulnerability as she feels her own;
She knows the fear reflected in their eyes through her own past terror
But underneath all of it she can see the obscured light,
the presence of God/dess despite all the protective armor.
She’s aware of this same divine presence vibrating in her body and in her heart;
She’s not so quick to cast judgment anymore because she knows that she is not above those that she is tempted to judge…
she knows that she is not separate
And because she gives herself permission to be herself as she is,
she can accept others as they are with appreciation and compassion.

She’s not invested in changing anyone either,
she respects everyone’s chosen path because
she understands that every soul is doing exactly what they need to do in order to evolve
So it is not her place to save anyone from their own lessons.
She reveals, heals, inspires and encourages instead,
she reminds others of their forgotten divinity;
She holds up a mirror so that they can see God/dess reflected back.
She has become a midwife for the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine soul.

The shy, timid maiden has transformed into the courageous, outspoken mother of all.
She says it as she sees it confidently without shrinking back,
She’s fiercely protective of the helpless,
She’s A torch for those lost in darkness,
and she’s not afraid to take a stand for peace and love to flourish in this world;
if someone tries to persuade her against her own knowing she simply and graciously responds, “Thank you for sharing.”
and she walks away-
Because she trusts her “self”,
She knows that she is Divine Mother embodied.

She is Artemis of the wild merged with
compassionate Tara and warrior Durga;
She has traversed the journey of Inanna into the dark underworld and emerged in possession of her kingdom
She knows why she is here and she’s fulfilling her purpose.
She’s not alone, she’s among many
who have chosen to return bearing love as their message,
their path and their gift of healing. ॐ


© Caroline de Lisser

Courtesy: Sageword

Have You Seen This Video?

Childhood Is Not A Mental Disorder.


This video captures exactly why I parent exactly the way I do; why I’d prefer to keep my children out of the traditional school system and away from conformist ideas of who they “should” be…and why I fight so hard to reinforce in them that I believe in them exactly as they are.

There is no such think as a “bad” child. Children are curious, passionate, adventurous, tenacious…there are so many wonderfully positive adjectives one could use to describe them! Instead, for the comfort and ease of the elite few, we resort to these labels, and prefer to medicate children instead of educate ourselves.

Let’s just stop and think for a minute before we extinguish the flames of intellectual curiosity in our little ones.

Children are humans too.

On Diversity, Persons With Disabilities & The Media

I struggled for a while on April 2 with whether or not I would post something about Autism Awareness to my facebook page. I considered it for a few minutes and decided not to. Both my children are on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum, so everyday at our house is Autism Awareness day- they’re not poster children.

I don’t mention autism to or even use the word “disability” with my children because that’s not what defines them. Sure, they communicate and process information differently. I do acknowledge to them, especially to my nine year old girl, that they are different, and that it’s okay to be different. Different is good. And when we see children who look like them, talk like them, act like them on tv, we celebrate those moments. I love the look on their faces when they recognize themselves as people who can and will accomplish many great things. I’m not looking for a cure. I don’t want to change them and I don’t want the physical world to change for them either- I simply want them to grow up knowing there is a place for them in this world, and to give them the room and the tools with which they can figure it all out- because they are capable of living wonderfully exciting lives.

Maysoon Zayid- Brilliantly beautiful actress, comedienne & activist.

What I’d love is for people’s attitudes toward autism and other “disabilities” to change.


I’m glad Maysoon is lending a voice to these ideas to the larger world so that we can stop and think differently about the how we view people in general. She’s very clear about how we can change our views on how people with disabilities are portrayed in the media.

The following was reblogged from :

“Outside of RJ Mitte, who played Walt Jr. on Breaking Bad, there are very few actors with disabilities who get the chance to tell their own stories on television. Actress and comedian Maysoon Zayid, who like Mitte was born with cerebral palsy, discusses her disability in this Big Think interview while also stressing the importance of positive media portrayals of people with disabilities. “When you do see disability on television,” she says, “we’re reduced to two storylines. Either ‘heal me’ or ‘you can’t love me because I’m disabled.'”

Zayid hopes someday soon television will make a stronger commitment to actors with disabilities.”

Love & Anarchy


I want to set people free.

Not just myself but anybody and everybody who thinks and feels like me.

My aunt always scolds me when I get into heated discussions over things. She says I’m angry. I say I’m passionate. She says I’m skeptical. I think she’s right. I think she trusts too much. She always says, “You want everybody to think like you!” She’s wrong. I don’t want everybody to think like me. I just want people to think- think on their own, without the chains that bind us to keep thinking the same things that have kept us mentally enslaved for so many generations.

I want people to use their freedom to generate thoughts that haven’t been implanted in their minds so they cannot be controlled by others with self-serving agendas. I want those thoughts to manifest into the reality of the physical world.

I want things like world peace, an end to hunger and poverty, an end to prison and political mind games and laws that benefit the minority at the expense of the majority, an end to capitalism and a return to humanitarianism.

We don’t need more rules. We need to think. We need to speak up and we need to know that small acts of kindness speak volumes.

We are not mindless sheep. We are better than that.

I want to set people free.

I believe love is anarchy. Love is freedom- freedom to explore and express; freedom to be. Love is creative and destructive. Love is always the answer. Love makes things simple but not necessarily easy. Love is always the answer.