thoughts of a goddess: Into The New


What is the song of your heart telling you? There is no option but to listen to, and act on its loving guidance now.

Anything you do now that is not aligned with your truth will backfire. This is how attuned your energy is becoming.

You’re not here to deny who you are. You’re here to love who you are. Anyone who really loves you, will love the truth of you – and the reality is that if they don’t like your truth, it may be time for you to walk away.

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Beloved, feel the surge of your heart as it attunes you to the divine wisdom of this eclipse gateway – and have the courage to act on its messages.

Lovingly written by Sophie Bashford; read full article here: Sophie Bashord on facebook

Edited by Asa-Mari Jones

Artwork by Isabel Bryna, etsy.com


thoughts of a goddess- New Moon Blessings


At this New Moon, take the time to make personal inventory.

Be honest with yourself- what habits, relationships, and stressful behaviors are holding you back from being the best version of you right now?

Think back to the last conflict you experienced. How would the BEST version of you handle it?

Write those things down. They are worth remembering and working on everyday until you achieve them.

Make your intentions to the universe clear; know who you are and who you will be.

Get rid of the old- the things (items, ideas, relationships) that no longer serve us.

Release them with gratitude for their service.

Speak forth your future knowing that you deserve nothing but the best, and that the universe is collaborating with you to see these things come to pass.

If you are tired, allow yourself the gift of rest.

If you have an idea that the world needs to hear, now is the time to share it.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to stretch and grow, to experience life above and beyond your wildest dreams and beliefs.

You are blessed.

You are the not a drop in the ocean; you are the ocean in a drop.

You are greatness.

You are divine.


thoughts of a goddess- Self Healing


Healing will come from a much deeper self love and appreciation. It will require you to forgive everything that keeps you connected to your past pain.

To forgive does not mean to forget. 

It means to take your power back and release emotional bonds that drain you of your vitality. Healing will come when you start appreciating yourself.

You are enough. You are perfect.


 Stop comparing yourself to others. Competition drains an incredible amount of energy which can be used for healing.

You are not a failure.

Stop complaining. Stop gossiping.

Healing will take your full emotional investment. Release any activity that keeps you in a negative state. Instead, clear your thinking and allow only loving thoughts to enter your mind. Speak of and to yourself with utmost kindness and love. Healing will happen spontaneously.

Original words by Josie Grouse. Find Josie on facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube.

Thoughts Of A Goddess- Press On Into Greatness!


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We live in a world that tries to destroy kind, beautiful and sensitive people yet praises people who manipulate or do worse in the name of “being successful”.

If you have a great spirit they try to break it
If you have great relationships, they meddle and want to destroy it
If you have a great personality, they gossip hoping they will make you look bad so that others will like you less
If you are intelligent, they try to laugh at you so that you question yourself


Don’t be fooled, nor take any of it personally. You’re not required to go with the status quo. And remember- anytime you wish to stand out and stand up for yourself, the pressure to conform will be great. Push back. That’s your job. Push back and press on into greatness‬.

You can do it. Start doing it now.


Whatever is calling, drawing, leading you forward right now into the New is doing so for your absolute Highest Good, and that of everyone else in your life.

You absolutely have the capability and strength to make these changes and to go where Life is taking you next. You really can do it, despite the intense, gut-wrenching fears and anxiety about what your life will look like if you follow your intuitive heart.

You must do it.

There is no turning back, and simply no staying still, because your energy field has already make the change. The decisions have been made in consciousness, and the steps actually already have been taken in higher vibrational reality.

Now, your body just needs to follow. You simply need to keep putting one step in front of the other and walking on towards the Light that is heralding such immense and joyful transformations for you.

You can do it.

It may feel like it is, or will, take every ounce of courage that you have ever mustered, but the energy inside you just has to flow freely: without restraint, without self-doubt, without the toxic pressure of other people’s reactions, without endless worry about the consequences of following your Truth.

When you follow your truth, sometimes it causes temporary chaos. It stirs up the dust and brings emotions to the fore that have long needed airing. Other people get to see that you are a person with needs, with passions, with ambitions, with dreams and with a life path that may not be just about looking after them.

What you feel is calling you now is not a selfish path. It is, in fact, a path that is ultimately more giving and more aligned with spiritual service than the one you were previously on. This is because when you are living from your true spirit you give back to the world expansively, without limits, from the pure wisdom of your heart, with a deep and clear quality of presence that only comes from a person who is humble enough to realize that they are divinely magnificent.


You are divinely magnificent.

The world needs your magnificence to be sweetly flowing from your body. The world needs you to be glowing with love uninhibited. The world needs you to be nourished and supported, so that you can give from a place of balance – not burned out, resentful, jealous, frantic, unfulfilled, depleted or self-sacrificing.

You can make these changes that call you to put yourself in the center stage of your life and live from your authentic Spirit. You can do it in front of everyone that knows you. You can continue to do it even if they don’t like it and complain. You can keep doing it even if they have complete meltdowns and tantrums in the face of you shifting the patterns that have stood firm for so long.

People who have been used to receiving the endless giving from Earth Angels and Lightworkers don’t generally like it when you begin getting assertive with your own needs for freedom and individuality. It disrupts the nice, safe place that they have been living in for so long. It forces them to start taking responsibility for their own lives and personal issues. It makes them stand on their own two feet, and realize that you are not going to take their burdens any longer.

This frees you up to have much healthier relationship dynamics – and it also makes it rapidly clear who is now meant to be in your life and who isn’t. You are not abandoning people by getting stronger in your personal boundaries, or by taking new paths that resonate with your real energy. You are actually giving them a great gift – the opportunity to create their own lives, realise how powerful they really are inside, and to experience a new, more balanced and positive life of their own.

You really, really can do it, beloved Earth Angel. You can be strong, stronger and even stronger still.

You can accept the love and support of legions of etheric angels and other powerful guides who surround you at all times. You can receive the help of earthly angels who are all around you also.

You can trust the pulsing of your own precious, sensitive heart when it says that now is the right time to leave the old ways and move on to the wondrous and miracle-filled New.

You can do it, you are doing it, and you will continue to do it with nothing but encouragement and acceptance from the Universe. You deserve this life that is beckoning to you. You are entirely worthy of every drop of happiness that now comes your way.

Start doing it now.

(Originally written by Sophie Bashford and posted on Keeper Of The Platinum Ray)

Photo credits: Asa-Mari Thompson & google images

Freedom, Restoration, Resurrection


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Amazing Grace was given to us so we may have Amazing Faith.

Regardless of which version of Easter/Eostre/Ishtar you celebrate today- even if you’re not celebrating anything- the underlying thread is one of living life to one’s full potential, of being strong, limitless, fearless- surrounded by an unconditional love that sets us free to experience abundance and happiness above and beyond the limitations of the human imagination. That is the theme of coming back to life from winter to spring; from darkness to light; death to resurrection.

We have been restored.

I hope we all live these ideals everyday, not just on Easter Sunday.

I hope we remember that the love of God is for everyone, that it is without condition, that it is forever. 

Acknowledging My Own Magic- A Self Contract

I grew up knowing I possessed magic. I could capture audiences and my smile got me anything I wanted. I was a fantastic story-teller and my poetry and plays won awards. Everyone said I was pretty. I would walk into a store and it would be empty. By the time I left it would be filled with people. I always left places and people better off than they were when I met them.
Small things. Ordinary things. Magical things.
But somehow I was convinced I wasn’t allowed to use my magic on myself. Everyone had the right to be happy except me. I could fix everyone’s problems, make everyone happy- indeed, I could change the world if I wanted to- but then I had to be content to come home and subsist on very little, and be humbled and happy even if I were miserable.
I’m 33 and this model does not work for me anymore. It is time to change. Struggling just isn’t my thing anymore. I’m done making lemonade.
Maybe I can use my magic for myself, not because I am greedy or selfish and self-serving, but because I am worth rescuing, and because I possess the ability to rescue myself. There will be no white knight, no super-hero, no prophesied act of a deist god to save the day.
Everything I need is already inside of me. I simply need to acknowledge it. So I changed my future by taking the limits off my mind, by changing my thoughts, my words, my feelings, my actions, and declaring it boldly:
I am a magical goddess. 
Today, I give myself permission to use my magic for myself,
to make myself better,
to raise my vibrations,
to make myself happier,
and by virtue, to allow myself to become more powerful and useful.
I promise to remain open,
to be confident,
to be aware,
to be gracious,
to be generous.
I am an openhearted, confident, aware, generous, joyful, healthy, fit, sexy, magical goddess.

Thoughts Of A Goddess: “Make The Shift”


Last week’s lesson, Be Strong gave way to several breakthroughs and much needed karmic cleansing. Words that needed to be said were finally said. There were tears and kisses. There were confessions and forgiveness. There was the realization that everything in life happens for our highest good.

There is no such thing as failure. 

Nothing is ever going wrong. These moments are clarifying moments.

Learn from it what you must, then let it go and move on.

Know that when you have a dream, when you are charged with giving birth to a vision, you will experience resistance. Know too that the force of this resistance is in direct proportion to the measure of the dream that you will birth.

Great dreams encounter great resistance. Do not give in; do not give up. Push through and see your dream into reality; the universe wants you to succeed.

It is time for us to Get Ready, to Clean House.

 Make The Shift.